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Soccer Artificial Grass 8532

Parameter Description

Model:8532                              Trademark:DORELOM                                          Grass type:Straight yarn with curly yarn
Material:PE+PP                        Color:Four tones                                                    Height: 30mm-45mm
Gauge: 3/8 inch                          Stitch rate:14-21 stitches / 10cm                            Density: 14700-22050 stitches/ ㎡

Backing:SPU                                Warranty: 8 years                                                     Roll length: 4m*25m/2m*25m

Product Description

This soccer artificial grass 8532 has good color fastness, strong stability and can be all-weather continued used. Easy to maintenance, non-fade, good recovery performance, safe when play on it.Research and development by the natural grass, similar performance and appearance to natural grass; thicker fiber enlarging the abrasion resistance and the lifetime; verdure and olive green fiber mixed; comfortable and safety; outstanding performance.

Monofilament grass

high simulation, natural and artistic,Comparing with mesh grass, the turf fiber is more flexible, harder to wear off. The strong tear resistance avoid strain crack due to long time use, thus it can be used for a longer time.Silky texture, good color fastness, and strong stability make it possible for you to use it under all weather. Easy maintenance, fastness, good resiliency, comfortable feeling, with superior sports and safety performance.

Easily Maintenance

Compared with fibrillated grass, the fiber is more flexible, more difficult to wear off, strong tear-resistant; avoid the grass fibers deformation by prolonged use. Good color fastness, strong stability, all-weather continued use. Easy to maintenance, non-fade, good recovery performance, safe when play on it.

It can be used in large-scaled stadiums.

Dorelom Grass

Our Annual production capacity can be 8,000,000 square meters. The high Level quality raw materials and advanced production technology, ensuring production's quality.

DORELOM Advantage

  • PU Coating -Excellent PU Coating
  • Company profile - uniform play field
  • Environmently Friendly -Healthy sapce
  • Choose Your Like -Minimized distortion and shrinkage

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