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artificial curly grass used for fitness clubQ16302

Parameter Description

Model:Q16302                    Trademark:DORELOM                               Grass type:All curly yarn
Detex:PE                             Color:Green/blue/red/yellow/white          Height: 10mm-15mm

Gauge: 3/16 inch                   Stitch rate:20-25 stitches / 10cm                Density: 42000-52500 stitches/ ㎡

Backing:SPU                         Warranty: 8 years                                  Roll length4m*25m/2m*25m

Product description:

1. it is made of all curly yarn, high density

2.richful color: blue/ red/white/yellow/purple/green

3.application: golf, children's playground,fitness club, gym,multi-purpose

Dorelom Grass

Our Annual production capacity can be 8,000,000 square meters. The high Level quality raw materials and advanced production technology, ensuring production's quality.

DORELOM Advantage

  • PU Coating -Excellent PU Coating
  • Company profile - uniform play field
  • Environmently Friendly -Healthy sapce
  • Choose Your Like -Minimized distortion and shrinkage

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