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Natural artificial turf 5309


Density:14700/16800 stitches/M² 
Backing:PP+Net+SBR Latex 
Application: kindergarten, park, stadium, etc 

Range of application :

1, indoor sports venues, badminton court, basketball court, tennis court, five-a-side football, volleyball, football, hand course, table tennis field, skating rink, hockey, goal kick, etc

2, outdoor leisure venues: wedding event, private garden, balcony, villa, hospital, etc

3, other place: kindergarten, basement, parking floor, door mat, etc

Highlights advantages

1. This artificial grass is mixed by the two colors straight monofilament and two colors curl yarn. Total color is 4 colors. Make your court more beautiful and more natural.

2. The straight yarn can standing well.After people stepping on, it will stand up soon. 

3. this artificial grass style for landscaping use with high UV resistance. Guarantee period can be 8 years. Generally, it is suitable for all kinds of green and recreational use of leisure venues, such as swimming pool, terrace 

Product features:

1. the height of the kindergarten artificial lawn should be around 25 mm, this is elastic, the height of the children at play when he fall also won't hurt.
2. choice of raw material all adopt new material, without adding reworked material, do not contain heavy metals, fundamentally eliminate the children suffer the harm of formaldehyde and all kinds of radiation;Artificial lawn raw materials by adding flame retardant, flame retardant performance of national standards, the European Union CE certification high grade E.
3. artificial lawn needs to have anti-fouling, antibacterial, antistatic, no dust, easy to clean, even if children crawling on the artificial lawn, skin contact with artificial turf all don't need to worry too much;Ergonomic structure, soft and comfortable, greatly reduce standing for a long time of back, leg, ankle, the impact of the accidental fall has great buffer action.
4. general artificial lawn using aging for more than five years, there are powder objects produce likely to cause respiratory diseases of children.Kindergarten special artificial lawn using high quality raw materials, through special processing to solve the existing problems in this respect, with super aging resistance;PU back glue more environmentally friendly, make strong fixed on the base cloth, yarn can't pull it out, pulling force is stronger, security problem such as pulling weeds to prevent children eating, use more durable.
5. kindergarten artificial lawn take green artificial turf, rainbow runway and cartoon design, all kinds of cartoon image vividly on the grass, flower-and-bird insect fish, dress up a beautiful fairy tale for the child paradise; Auxiliary preschool education of the runway and cartoon design to explore children's cognition, identification, ability in the osmosis breeding, cultivation and improve.

Dorelom Grass

Our Annual production capacity can be 8,000,000 square meters. The high Level quality raw materials and advanced production technology, ensuring production's quality.

DORELOM Advantage

  • PU Coating -Excellent PU Coating
  • Company profile - uniform play field
  • Environmently Friendly -Healthy sapce
  • Choose Your Like -Minimized distortion and shrinkage

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