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Cheap Artificial Grass 8204

Parameter Description

Model:8204                              Trademark:DORELOM                                   Grass type:Straight yarn with curly yarn
MaterialPE+PP                         Color:Four tones                                            Height: 25mm-40mm

Gauge: 3/8 inch                           Stitch rate:16-21 stitches / 10cm                  Density: 16800-22050 stitches/ ㎡

Backing:SBR                                 Warranty: 8 years                                             Roll length: 4m*25m/2m*25m

Product Feature

This grass construction is two colors straight yarn and dry curly yarn mixed,natural lively, beautiful, and after the installation,it looks very flat and so nice, also known as "simulated grass." This grass is made of bicolor monofilament and brown curly yarn. Its advantage is that the yarn is with stem and V shape, very durable and comfortable,and standing very well.

Natural appearance

It looks like natural grass — but it doesn’t act like natural. Synthetic turf lets you have all the benefits of a natural, lush, and fresh-looking yard without the costs and energy it usually takes. Unlike your traditional natural lawn, you don’t have to water, fertilize, or bargain with your kids every single time you need the front yard mowed, when you have artificial turf installed.

Dorelom Grass

Our Annual production capacity can be 8,000,000 square meters. The high Level quality raw materials and advanced production technology, ensuring production's quality.

DORELOM Advantage

  • PU Coating -Excellent PU Coating
  • Company profile - uniform play field
  • Environmently Friendly -Healthy sapce
  • Choose Your Like -Minimized distortion and shrinkage

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