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  • What is the base made of?

    Most of our greens are constructed over a multi-layer compacted gravel base system. Integrated with a pvc drainage system, the gravel provides a very stable base, while still allowing water to drain through.

  • Should I cover my synthetic putting green during the winter season?

    This is not necessary, in fact, you will find that your green will still be very usable during this time of year. In addition, the cold, snow and ice do nothing to harden the synthetic fibers.

  • How long does installation take?

    This depends on the size, shape, location and extras such as bunkers, tees, etc. With all of these factors considered, the average green takes only approximately one week to install.

Landscape grass installation

  A  1.Remove all existing sod and/or existing surface, leaving room for 3-4"of base material. 2. Install your border - bender board or extruded concrete curbing are recommended and work great. You can also use your existing border.

  B  3.Lay base material, decomposed granite (1/4 minus) works great. In some regions where there is softer natural soil an additional compacted aggregate base may need to be laid first. 4. Grade base using grading rakes, take into consideration the general grade of the area for irrigation.

  C  5.Moisten and compact your base using a plate compactor or tamper. 6. Lay weed barrier materials if desired. This will prevent weed & grass regrowth. 7. Lay your artificial turf purchased from Arizona Turf Solutions. Generally turf products come in 15 foot widths and all adjoining sections must lay the same direction. 8. Use a carpet style knife to cut shape for area. Cut turf from the backing. 9. Use a carpet kicker to stretch turf. Stretching the turf eliminates expansion from heat and helps secure surface tightly to the ground. Use 4-6 inch long spikes or staples to secure stretch. 10. Seam joints where two sections meet. There are many techniques for seaming, professional installers use nails, glue, tapes, and stitching.

  D  11. Secure perimeter using staples or spikes. 12. Use a powerbroom to "bloom" your turf, if a powerbroom cannot be sourced it is possible to use a stiff nylon-bristled broom or carpet rake.

  E  13. Add infill, you can use silica sand, crumb rubber, or copper slag. There are companies advertising "no infill" products, though these are generally high density products with heavy secondary thatches we still recommend infilling all turf products. It will add years to the surface against trafficking and add weight to surface helping eliminate the need for re-stretching and maintenance. 14. Use your powerbroom to broom infill into thatch, generally 1-2 lbs per square foot are adequate. The infill should fall into the thatch and help your lawn stay standing up against all kinds of traffic. 15. Use a leaf-blower to clean surface and clear debris.

Dorelom Grass

Our Annual production capacity can be 8,000,000 square meters. The high Level quality raw materials and advanced production technology, ensuring production's quality.

DORELOM Advantage

  • PU Coating -Excellent PU Coating
  • Company profile - uniform play field
  • Environmently Friendly -Healthy sapce
  • Choose Your Like -Minimized distortion and shrinkage

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